About Me

I am a teacher who is passionate about her job.  I love to try new things and to share my experiences.  I've always considered myself to be a work in progress.    I strive to inspire my students and support my colleagues. 

Come along with me on my teaching journey with moxie! 


  1. Moxie , well done , for being so passionate.
    I loved your article-blog on " toxicity" I believe all teachers, parents and childcare workers ( who all work so hard and in two of the three cases, for so little monetary reward ) could benefit from reading it !
    Children who have toxic behaviors that are overt suffer so much ,often, all their lives.Others just hurt other children but have much more controlled and covert, self serving behavior. But they learn and use this behavior FOR A REASON as do adults , usually it protects them from something or someone.
    Even some of the best and kindest ( certainly not all or many, but some) teachers I knew would say things like "shes so sly" and to my great shame i would only sometimes reply
    " shes seven, why would she feel that she has to be sly? WhAts happening for her that she feels the need to act that way?"
    I taught for a few years and I was terrible at it. Teachers like you are so precious and impact for the good , don't ever underestimate what a long way a little sunshine can go. !

  2. Hello Moxie! I aspire to be a third grade teacher in Texas. I start college this fall for my degree!! Just curious, what school do you teach at?

  3. Do you know of any Texas teachers who are Texas History teachers?


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