Monday, August 12, 2013


Made it Monday (Sort of)

I'm joining Made it Monday to showcase a few really neat items I purchased from some talented ladies on Etsy.  Okay……I won't link up since I didn't make any of these items.  But I had fun buying them!

This adorable T-Shirt was made for me by Carla from Sewing Sassy.  Oh, how I love it!  The colors just POP and the owl is precious.  Click here to see all the designs that Carla offers!

 When I saw this custom rubber stamp, I had to have it.  I will be teaching language arts this year and have had many teacher-friends donate books to build my class library.  I was blessed to receive about 150 books!  Writing my name in all of them would be a tedious task.  My problem is solved with this stamp made for me by Little A Designs.  The best part is it matches my owl theme!   Awesome!

How do you like my snappy mouse pad? When things have my name on it, they are less likely to walk away.   It was a gift from my dear friend, Megan, and her Etsy shop, A Bird in Hand Designs.  I love this combination of orange chevron and a pink stripe.  Check it out and pick up a monogrammed koozie, too!

On another subject, I have never started this late getting my classroom ready.  I have not stepped one foot in the door and we go back to work on Monday.  After spending the last four weeks helping my parents move from Ohio to Florida, my non-school, to-do list is very long.  I want to blink my eyes like Jeannie and have my classroom instantly look like this.  I know……I'm dreaming'!

Stay tuned!


  1. I love, love, love your owl shirt and stamp! The shirt is so cute, and I am needing a stamp just like yours!

    Teaching Fourth

    1. Thank you, my fellow owl-lover!!!


  2. I've got it! Instead of the blink, try Samantha's twitch! I'll be practicing it tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I love your owl-ness. Have you seen my room from last year?

  3. I want to blink along with you, lol! I always say that I'm going to get most of my room ready in June, so that I don't get to this place of sheer panic before school starts, but something always gets in the way. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your space.
    The Wild Rumpus


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