Thursday, August 2, 2012


Look What I Made!!

Warning:  These items were made by an amateur.  Any attempt to try them on your own will surely create similar, if not better, results.  

Ha! Ha!  Seriously, I don't consider myself a very crafty person.   But, I had a lot of fun putting these projects together.  

Treasure Chest - I bought this Treasure Chest at Walmart for $5.97.  I brought it home and hot-glued some fake jewels on it.  I think the kids are going to flip for it!  Bonus: It matches my decor!

My Library Check-Out System - I've always used the honor system, but last year I lost too many books.  So I decided to create a simple way to add accountability to borrowing our classroom books.  

Each child in my class is assigned a number (we are departmentalized so I have 2 classes).  I glued 25 card pockets with calendar numbers on a foam board.  The border is duct tape to make the edges look neater.  Since foam board won't fit in the laminator, I put strips of packaging tape across the entire board.  Then, I tool an exacto knife to open up the pockets.  

Each pocket holds two library cards.  Thestudents' names will go on these cards.  To check out, they will write the date and the title of the book.  They won't be able to check out another book until they return the one listed on the card.  "Librarian" duties will be delegated to a student in each of my classes.  

"Pick Me" Numbers - I usually use craft stick to randomly choose students for various activities.  This year I'm going to use number cards.  I found this free template at Positively Learning. Copies were made on card stock, then laminated.  To fit in a soap box, they had to be trimmed just a bit.  I also plan to use them with my homemade Learning Carpet (click here to learn more).  

Tool Box - I've hopped on the Tool Box bandwagon.  I bought mine at Home Depot for $19.99 and spray painted it pink.  Then, I found the label template at Create * Teach * Share. As I was labeling, I began to think of other labels I want to create. The only problem is there is no way to edit the template to write your own label names.  I may need to come up with my own template.  If I do, I'll post it!

Have a great day!



  1. Your treasure chest looks great. What section of Walmart did you find it in? I have been looking all over for one with no luck.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I found it with the kids bedroom decorating things. It comes in red, blue, and lime green. I saw it on the Website, but it is $19.97 for the same thing, I live in Texas.....I don't know if that makes a difference. Goodluck!


  3. Everything looks great! I can't wait to see it in your room.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  4. You did a great job on everything :)

  5. Diane,
    Your "warning" cracked me up! I just found your blog...while on my way to find something else...which I can't even remember since I ended up reading your blog...a lot...and I had to become a new follower. :)
    I have lots of questions/thoughts about: the rebel state of Texas not doing Common Core, your thoughts on Kim Sutton's program (I'm planning on doing the online course for 1st grade), and I loved your son's assignment (you must have raised him wello). But, I won't ask all my questions at once. :)
    I'm a new blogger and I'd love to have you hop over for a visit.
    Corinna :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  6. Corinna,
    I'm so happy you visited my blog! Your questions are very interesting and I'll try to be brief.....

    About Texas....did you know that Texas was formerly it's own country??? Well, in many ways, that culture still exists here. Texas did not go with the Common Core mainly because Pres. Obama threatened to take away Federal Funding if they didn't join. Texas doesn't like being told what to do by the Federal Gov't. SO, the Governor rejected Common Core and Texas State Education Board was told to create a Texas version. Although the TX Math Standards were approved last April, many feel that there are too many of them and that they focus more on process than content. Others say they fall short. Many of the same academics that were consulted in developing the Common Core were also consulted for the TX standards. They won't go in to affect until 2014, so only time will tell.

    I am a HUGE Kim Sutton fan. She is excellent to see in person. I am so happy to hear that you are going to use her materials in first grade. First grade is so critical to building number sense and it is often pushed aside because of reading curriculum demands. Over the years, I have used almost all of the resources she has created. They work and the kids love them.

    Thank you for the compliment about my son. He is amazingly insightful. He's been through a lot as he was born with a cleft lip and palate. Besides the 12 surgeries, he has had to endure the judgement and comments of cruel kids. I tell him that it is helping him to build character (then I run into my walk-in closet and cry my eyes out!). I am very proud of him.

    Whew! I hope I didn't go on too much! I look forward to keeping in touch with you!


  7. Awesome job! You have been busy! and motivated!

  8. What a super cute treasure chest!!!! Walmart, Target, they all get me in trouble! :)
    Thanks for visiting our blog! I LOVE your blog, too!
    I am a new follower!!!

  9. I am running out to Home Depot for my tool box! Pink~I love it!

    Creative Lesson Cafe


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