Friday, July 5, 2013


The Time Has Come.

Fellow-Bloggers, the time has come.  It is time to shop for "Back to School".  The retailers know we are coming and have begun to put out all their cute stuff and new products to entice us to include them in our classrooms.  

Last year, I got a little behind on this time frame and missed out on some awesome bargains.  And, I still have not been able to find them!  One of these items was a bag of blank foam cubes at Dollar Tree.  I read about this item on a blog and thought, "I have all summer to get those".  WRONG!  When I finally decided to get them, they were nowhere to be found.  I must have visited 20 Dollar Trees and never found them.  So many times during the school year, I wished I had those foam cubes.  This will not happen this year.

I'm hoping we can help each other by scouting for any awesome "Back to School Shopping Finds", then linking up to share with us.  

Here are some guidelines:

1.  Blog about your shopping find or finds and be sure to include a
2.  Tell us where we can find the deals and in which state you
     were shopping.  
3.  Include the price and any other important details. 
4.  Link up with your blog post to the Back to School A+ Shopping
     Finds Linky Party. 

Here's an example:

In Texas, Sam's Club has these awesome education-themed rugs.  They are $19.96 and are 46" x 52.5".  The themes are the solar system, alphabet, world map, animal names, USA map, and counting 1-10.  I got the solar system rug!

Happy shopping and don't forget to link up!


  1. This is a great idea! I used to go to the Dollar Tree every summer around this time because they started having some really awesome school-themed items. Unfortunately, I can't do that anymore because I moved to Alaska where we don't have a Dollar Tree. :( lol

    Hopefully I find a suitable replacement soon. :)

    First Grade with Ms. Dawley

  2. Congrats on moving to beautiful Alaska! During my search for cubes last year, I discovered that Dollar Tree has a website where you can shop and order what you need! The website is I hope this will help you get your Dollar Tree fix in Alaska! On the other hand, you might have access to things we won't be able to get! Enjoy your summer!


    1. Thanks! I learned about Dollar Tree's website, but (like everything else) shipping to Alaska is expensive! And takes forever! I have learned to make a lot of things to take the place of things that I could buy. Most of it only lasts a year at a time, but I usually make things out of scraps that I was going to throw away anyway. Lol. We do have a few places that I love... places that I haven't seen anywhere in the lower 48. I guess it balances out. ;)


  3. I actually went to Dollar Tree today and got some really good stuff. They had packs of dominoes, dice (white and colored), cute workbooks (different then they have carried before), cute non-fiction books for level 1 & 2, sing-along books with classic songs and CD, books for practicing numbers, letters, and ABCs that are dry-erase, magnetic shapes, and lots of other cool stuff! Hope this helps some of you!

  4. Fabulous idea! I'm on the hunt for red composition notebooks for under a dollar :) I'll be snapping pics of the bargains I find!

    1. Target had different colored ones for 50 cents each, I saw them on Sunday (I think)

  5. Great idea for a linky! I can't wait to find bargains and share. I found your blog through The Learning Tree linky and am your newest follower!

  6. I picked up my Solar System rug yesterday! Thanks for the info!!


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