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Common Core vs. Non-Common Core TPT Products

Common Core in the United States

Hi everyone!  I am a TPT customer (and seller) from a non-Common Core state.  Since most of the country teaches according to Common Core Standards, it is getting harder to find products on TPT that are geared toward Non-Common Core States.  Naturally, TPT Sellers want to market their products to the biggest segment of the market.  In fact, I have bought lots of things and adapted them myself.  But most of the time, this takes as much effort as creating something myself.  What I'm hoping for is to encourage sellers to create a version of their products where standards are editable (when they are used within the product).  Is this realistic?  If you create Common Core products, is this something you would be willing to do?  I just feel like I am missing out on so many AWESOME products!  Thank you for your feedback.

NOTE:  In Nov. 2013, Texas passed legislation (HB462) which prohibits school districts from using CCSS to meet the requirements to provide instruction in the Texas standards (TEKS).  You can find the link to read more about it HERE.


  1. Most sellers have the common core statements on a separate page, not on each page foe this exact reason. I know my products do at Paula's Place.

  2. When I make my products I don't put the standards on the actual work the students do. I just make sure that it aligns with the CC so that teachers who have to teach those standards can know that they are being covered.

  3. As a Texas teacher I totally support your request for editable standards, particularly in products like teacher binders and products that include a place that documents standards.

  4. Paula & Bethany, Thank you so much for your comments. I have amended my post above to include the fact that Texas has explicitly forbidden teachers from using materials designed for CCSS. I am afraid download any product that has CCSS written on it anywhere as it implies that I am using CCSS created materials. There are lots of ways around it, but these ways (white out, store files at home, etc.) are inconvenient and , to me, defeat the purpose of buying an item on TPT. My mission is to bring this issue to light so that TPT store owners are able to make an informed decision about how they create their products before they exclude a whole state. And Texas is a pretty big state.

    Jamie, thank you for your support.

    All the best to each of you!


  5. I agree with you. I just got back from the TPT conference and most people I met teach Common Core and don't really know about the TEKS. I make all my TPT products for my classroom and they are aligned to the TEKS. I need to make sure to put that in my product description.Thanks for reminding me of that.
    Love Teaching Kids

    1. Hi Jennifer! I was at the TPT Conference, too! I wish we would have gotten to meet each other! I just added you to my Texas Teachers Blog List. If you are from the Houston area, join us on Facebook at We are having a Meet-Up on Aug. 9th!

  6. I was in Vegas last week too for the SDE conference, but I attended some blogger meet ups and I experienced the same thing. I met lots of great people, but no one who taught using TEKS. Just the other day I was talking to my friends, who are also teachers, about the need for more TEKS aligned TPT products. I've started creating them myself, like Jennifer. I make sure that I label them as such too. I was having a hard time finding TEKS sellers, but now that I know you all are I will definitely be dropping by your stores! Thanks for addressing this issue!



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