Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The Story Behind My Logo

I am hooking up with Art with Jenny K. to share the story of how my logo came to be.

   My first blog design was hideous.  Seriously, hideous.  I created it myself and it did not reflect who I am as a person or a teacher.  It had to go.  As I sketched out my vision for a new blog design, I knew I needed a logo.  My goals in creating a logo were simple.  It had to be unique, reflective of who I am, and timeless.  

   At first, I thought about using a picture of me for my logo.  What could be more unique that?  But, appearances change over time, and I wanted something constant like Target's bullseye or Starbuck's label.   It occurred to me that I could have a caricature done…you know, like the kind you get at Disney World?  No…..that would be too creepy.  When I first started blogging, very few teachers (if any) used a caricature as part of their blog designs. So, I felt like I was on to something. 

   What I needed was a graphic depiction of me, but I didn't know where to get it done. I searched and searched until I discovered Jessica Weible Illustrations.  At the time, Jessica offered a semi-customization that allowed me to pick out different features.  I chose a bright smile, interested eyes, warm colors, and friendly body language to reflect that I am a warm, caring, and passionate  person.  I prayed that it would look okay. Without ever seeing a picture of me, Jessica created a perfect graphic of me.  Ok, so I'm not that skinny (I was at one time…does that count?).   My hope is that it will stand the test of time as styles come and fads go, or if I decide to change my blog design.  Jessica stopped doing this type of work shortly after my character was created.  I bought the license for it and it became mine!  Her name is Moxie and she is my alter-ego!  

I've truly fallen in love with my brand logo.  It can be found on  Pinterest, Facebook, and my TPT store.   Currently, there are many artists who create characters and many teacher blogs that use caricatures as their logos.  What is it they say….."imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"?   I'll take it!


  1. What a great story!!!! That is smart what you say about appearances changing over time... good point!

  2. How fun! I enjoyed reading your story. I agree your logo has a very warm smile.
    The Education Highway

  3. I like the "caricature".I've wanted one forever and even tried to create one on one of those avatar apps. I just having difficulty finding the gray hair part....

  4. I love that you're such a logo trendsetter! I also love your store name. What's better than teaching with moxie?

  5. Love your logo! We had a photo too until we realized that it was so out-of-date! Your logo looks so much like you that I would have thought Jessica had done it from a photo. Such talent!

  6. I love caricatures! How amazing that Jessica was able to make such a representation of you without even seeing a picture of you. That's fabulous. - Lisa


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