Sunday, November 18, 2012


Three Ring

It's Share Day #2 and I'm excited to share this new resource I recently found.  It's called....

Three Ring is a website that allows teachers to easily document student's classroom work.  It allows you to take photos of any paper, drawing, or board work.  You can record presentations or discussions with audio or video.  Or, students can upload their own work from any mobile device or computer.  With its supporting iPhone/Android app, the possibilities are endless.  

I've been using it to capture and collect examples of students work.    This helps me to.....

  • Keep work samples for re-teaching.  
  • Collect documentation for RtI or parent conferences.
  • Easily file students' work rather than creating piles or running back and forth to the copier.
I recently had an experience where I was very thankful I was using Three Ring.  As I was grading an assignment, I saw that I needed to keep a copy of "Tommy's" work on Three Ring so I could review his mistakes with him.  I quickly snapped a photo with my iPhone and uploaded it. 

After I was done grading everyone's work, it went into the students'  mailboxes to go home that night. Yippee!  Marked that off my to-do list!  No piles!  No trips to the copier! 

The next day I got an email from Tommy's mom.  She wanted to know why he missed #9 and #10 on this assignment.  Thanks to Three Ring, I was able to find the assignment easily and answer her question.  And, I was able to sit down with Tommy to talk about his mistakes. 

Check it out!  It's free and it might make your life easier, too!



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  3. Diane, Check out your Liebster Award nomination on my blog. It's Hopefully, you'll participate and nominate some blogs you love. ~Stacy

  4. Oh Dear! You are all so wonderfully kind! I have been previously nominated (see my awards page above), but am so flattered by your recognition. I am about to check out your blogs! I hope you will come back and visit!

  5. I am definitely going to have to try that out! Thank you!


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