Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Bloglovin' Linky Party

Hi fabulous followers!!

You have probably heard by now that Google Reader is going away on.  Well, Google Reader may be going away, but I don't want YOU to go away, so I hope that you will consider following Teaching With Moxie on bloglovin'!  Change can be we thought a bunch of us bloggers thought we might sweeten it up for you a little bit!

We are doing a giveaway for all of our fabulous followers that take the leap and switch over to bloglovin'.  You may have already switched over!  In that case, this will be an easy entry!

If you have not yet switched or are not following our blog through bloglovin, then there are a few easy steps to follow.  You can go to our sidebar (that's the column on the right over there that shows our followers) and you can click the button that says "Follow this Blog with bloglovin".  Or, you can go into the Rafflecopter below and click the link in the first entry, and that will take you to "Teaching With Moxie" on bloglovin.

You will need to set up an account with bloglovin' so that you can follow us.  Please be sure to leave your bloglovin' username in the Rafflecopter entry.

If you want to go ahead and move all of the blogs you follow from Google over, you can go to this link and it will take you through the super easy steps.  BUT, please go to our bloglovin link and make sure that you are following us through bloglovin.  To be sure, make sure that the blue button at the top of our bloglovin page has been clicked (it should be gray with the word following- if it's blue, please click it to follow!)

So, if you follow me by bloglovin, please enter my giveaway!!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This year I'm going to decorate my classroom with black and white and throw in some bright colored patterns like polka dots and chevron! :)

    If you see this soon, can you do me a favor? Can you go to my blog and see if my raffle and links are working? I've never done a giveaway before, and I feel like something isn't working! I'd really appreciate it, thank you! :)


    1. Mine is good to go, so nevermind. Thanks anyway! :)

  2. I am not a visual learner, so all the colors in my room get to me. This year I decided to go with blue and green and polka dots everywhere!

  3. My theme is black and white with pops of color.

  4. Polka dot...polka dot...polka dots! Navy & lime green!

    I am glad you are doing this linky. I thought I was following on Bloglovin' already. I wasn't. I am NOW.

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  5. My theme is going to be monsters. I'm so excited about it that I've already started getting my decorations ready!

    Hooty's Homeroom

  6. My theme is blue and green.

  7. I don't have a theme yet.

  8. I love using Bloglovin! Chevron and bright colors (with a sprinkle of polka dots)! :) I have two types of bulletin boards in my classroom (giant ones and long skinny ones) and so I'll be using black and white chevron for the larger boards and black and white polka dots for the long boards. Then using splashes of color here and there. ;)

  9. I’m giving you some bloglovin! I would love to have you stop by and visit, and even link up! I’m doing a dollar days linky: share what you love, buy, make, find, or sell for a dollar! Even if it 2 dollars I’m ok with that!

  10. I don't have one yet--not sure where I am going to be.

    Melissa Mize
    Creations by Mrs. Mouse

  11. I don't have a theme, but I have a color scheme. I'm doing pink, blue, green and purple brights in polka dots and some chevron. I'm super excited to get everything set up!

  12. Well, no joke, because I've been on maternity leave the latter part of the year, and am thus missing all of the end of the year activities, parties, and promotion, etc. I am certain that the theme of my classroom will be "Let's clean up the mess that was left behind!" Nothing cute about it, but it will have to get the job done! :) maybe the theme will be, "What treasures can we find underneath the mess that was left by last year's class!" That would be good! :)

  13. Diane- Thanks so much for organizing our meet up today. It was so fun! I loved seeing you and the others again. I also LOVE that you put together the little directory. What a great idea!

    Hope to see you again soon.
    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  14. My classroom decorating theme is a garden.

  15. I don't have a classroom (yet!) - I've just finished my teaching degree. I do love themed classrooms - especially superstars or superheroes themes.

  16. bees....

  17. Point received and well taken, when I disagree it’s not a reason to argue. No problem at all.
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