Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Totally Summer-ized!

I just got back spending a week with my husband's family in New England.  We had a wonderful time.  We left just five days after I finished school because we discovered some awesome airfares.      We usually go on vacation in July, so this was very different for us.  But, I gotta tell you, it was one of the best things I've ever done to separate myself from the school year and get into Summer-mode!  I believe this will become an annual tradition for me!

Speaking of vacation, we visited the most beautiful places!   First we were in Boston.  Then we spent a few days at Wells Beach in Maine.  We drove into the mountains of Maine to the Rangely Lake.  There were many stretches of road that said to watch out for moose!  We visited the family farm in central Massachusetts (it will be 100 years old next year!) and the family quarry where my sons got a lesson on making asphalt.  Then we headed down to Connecticut to visit our wonderful friends and their three boys.  And we had to go to Stew Leonard's in Danbury.  I miss that place.  It is a grocery shopping experience and little kids love it.  We went through Sandy Hook in Newtown, but just seeing the signs brought tears to my eyes.  Heavy sigh.  It was a whirlwind trip, but we had a terrific time.  

I was reading blogs while I was gone, and I made a note to be sure I hooked up with my friend's, Kristen's at Teach 'n Tex, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Wednesday.  

Her linky celebrates the philosophy that "success is achieved by those who try and keep trying with a positive mental attitude."
So true!  So I am sharing one of my favorite reminders that helps me keep positive, even during the times when I am nearly biting my tongue off!  The tiny words below say, "Rise above it!"  It has taken me YEARS to ignore provocation.  With age comes wisdom and I've finally learned that taking the high road is always the best way to travel.   And by doing so, I believe that it allows the provocateur to reflect on their words, not mine.  

One last thought about positive energy.....

As I was in New England this week, I couldn't help noticing the number of women that were wearing this distinctive set of bracelets.  I finally asked my husband's cousin's wife, what is the significance of the bracelets I see everyone wearing?  Well, the bracelets are called "Alexi and Ani" and each one has its own "positive energy" message.  

So, my husband's cousin's wife (Thank you, Debbie!) bought me my first one.  It is a Pineapple which symbolizes warmth and friendship.  It is also a well-know symbol of welcoming and a safe return in New England.  Now I am hooked!  So, for my birthday present to myself (my birthday is Saturday) I bought 4 more:

Apple:  symbol of insight, wisdom, and teacher
Path of Life (Infinity Symbol): strength, motivation, & knowledge
Mother Mary (The Miraculous Medal): grace, compassion & hope
Initial "D":  to celebrate me!

Here is my collection of Positive Energy!  I love it!

All of the Alex and Ani bangles are made of recycled metal and are Made in America with love!  If you have Alex and Ani bracelets or decide to get one, please share which ones you have.  The Apple is $5 off until the end of June!  

Sending positive energy your way!


  1. Glad you had a great trip and can't wait to see those bracelets!

  2. Thanks for linking up! What a beautiful message! I may have to go check out those bracelets and give myself a birthday present, too.


  3. Diane thank you so much for reaching out to me on my new blog! I LOVE the design that Megan came up with! She's phenomenal. Your blog is ADORABLE! I can't wait to really get things rolling on my blog, but I'm finding it a bit difficult too with how busy school has been these past few weeks! I'm so happy to hear that you're teaching 3rd as well! I can't wait to visit here and keep in touch with you to exchange great ideas!

    It looks like you were literally in my neighborhood when you were in CT! Stew Leonards is my grocery store and Sandy Hook is very close to me for so many reasons. The town will never be the same, but the community and neighboring towns have come together in such a wonderful way to ensure that the memory of our precious angels lives on.

    I too wear the Alex and Ani bracelets and collecting them can become quite addictive! Be careful though because depending on your skin type, they tarnish some. Make sure to avoid wearing them working out or near water. I've also been cleaning them from time to time with a jewelry towel and that has helped with the tarnishing. They have an "antique" look to them now, but I love them non-the-less. My favorites are my "Everything Happens for a Reason" and "Eternity" which I see that you have too!

    I hope your summer is amazing! I have 3 weeks of school left still! YIKES! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and I can't wait to follow you here too!

    1. Hi Katie! Thank you for stopping by! I, too, find it difficult to teach and blog with any regularity. Summer is a great time to really get into it. We got out of school on June 6th, so I'm a bit ahead of you. I love to wake up and blog while I have my morning cup of coffee. There are tons of ideas out there. I truly believe that I've become a better teacher as a result of my blogging experience.

      It's amazing that I was so close to you! We used to live in Watertown. I used to go to Stew's every couple of weeks when my kids were little. I love their coffee and my boys loved their chicken fingers! Yum. And the trip wasn't complete without visiting the little zoo. Those were the days!

      Thanks for the advice on the Alex and Ani. It's so hot here in Texas that I'm worried that perspiration may have an affect. So far, so good! There are several others I'd like to have. There aren't too many places that sell them around here, yet!

      Enjoy your last few weeks of school! Then you can blog to your heart's content! LOL!



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