Thursday, August 9, 2012


Got beach?

Today I got my last day in at the beach before school starts.  I don't go in the water.  I just like being near the ocean.  I was born under the water sign of Cancer the Crab.  I think there's something to the zodiac, as I am drawn to the ocean.  There's just something about it that calms my nerves.  I needed it.

Sooooo, I'm feeling very thankful today.  Thankful that I'm a short drive from the ocean.  Thankful that my teenage boys decided to spend a day with their mom.  Thankful for summers off so I can go to the beach when I want.  Thankful for this beautiful day.



  1. I really know what you mean! How old are your boys, mine are 18 and 20. They are my everything! I'm glad you got to go!

  2. Mine are turning 14 and 17 in Sept. My oldest is a Senior this year. UGH!


  3. Diane,
    My mom grew up in Galveston and said that after school, September through October and March through May, kids would walk to the beach everyday after school. Can you imagine!? There's something so freeing about that endless horizon! It just draws us in continually. Glad you got a beach break and hope your year starts back smoothly!

    ~Jennifer @ Teaching Simplicity

  4. Jennifer,
    Wow! That's amazing, My son, who is a senior, is thinking about attending Texas A & M Galveston Campus. I'm really hoping he decides to go there so I have a reason to go to the ocean often! Hope you have a great year!



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