Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Awwww.....summer. The kids are gone, the files are updated, but there's one thing left to do. The dreaded......classroom move. I'm moving from fourth grade to third grade for one year, then will loop back to fourth grade. Everything has been physically moved. But, I want to take this opportunity to organize a bit. My main tool is containers and labels. I also need to start a new filing system for all my third grade materials. Have you been here before? Please share any advice you might have for anyone in my shoes! I'll keep you posted!

q Diane r

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  1. Hello Diane,
    I used to teach in a multi-age 1/2 grade setting. My teaching buddies and I had to share materials which meant switching materials every year! While it wasn't ideal, we made it work. I copied math unit pages onto transparencies and put them in binders by unit. We stores all our science/ social studies materials in tubs that fit onto carts with wheels. For personal files, I kept those in file folders (I'd now use binders) and seperated the drawers by grade and subject area.
    Good luck!
    Your newest follower and newbie blogger.
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