Thursday, July 26, 2012


Learning Carpet with a Twist

I love getting down on the floor and having group lessons with the kids.  They love to get out of their seats and I love how they perceive that sitting on the floor equals fun!  

I recently heard about a math product that would be great use in this environment.  It is called The Learning Carpet.  It is a 100 square carpet that is divided into 100 six inch squares.  When you think about it, the teaching possibilities are endless.....arrays, ordered pairs, graphing, patterns, transformations, area, perimeter, etc.  

This is where MY shoulder partners, who I call Mr. Yes and Mrs. No, enter into my conscience.

Mr. Yes:   I love it!  I want it!

Mrs. No:   But it costs $292.  Hubby would not be happy.  You       already spend way too much for things for your classroom.

Mr. Yes:   But it is so kinesthetic! Maybe the school will buy it for me.  

Mrs. No:  With 4 teachers on my team, it would cost $1,168.  It's not likely.

Mr. Yes:  I am creative.  Could I make one?

Mrs. No:  Hmmmm.  Let's see....  a white shower curtain with black sharpie squares?  A cheap rug with duct tape squares?  What about shopping for a fabric with a square pattern? I could make a, that's not the same as getting on the floor.  Creating one would be a lot of work.

Mr. Yes:  Imagine how much the kids would get out of this tool.  It's summertime and that is what summertime is for!

Mrs. No:  That is true!  I'm going to do it!  AND,  The Learning Carpet website has an awesome guide you can purchase that has lots of activities to use in your classroom.

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