Monday, July 30, 2012


A Linky Party! My First!

I'm hosting my first Linky Party.  I'm nervous, but I'm going to use my 'moxie' and go outside of my comfort zone.  It may not be pretty, but I'm proud to say it is functional!  

Here we go!  It's a.....


This Linky Party was inspired by Emily at I Love My Classroom.  She recently asked me to share how I planned on using the Math Daily Five in my classroom.  

Well, the first thing I did when I was putting my plan together was visit lots of other blogs that talked about the Math Daily (or a variation of it).  This helped me think about what would work in my classroom.  Unfortunately, I can't remember all the blogs I visited to pass them along to Emily.  So, I thought this Linky Party might benefit anyone who is thinking about using the Math Daily 5 or Math Centers in their classroom.  I want to get this going, so I will be posting my Daily 5 Plan later.  Thanks for joining and sharing how the Math Daily 5 will work in your classroom.  

TBA's Ultimate Linky Party


  1. Thank you! I appreciate all the help. :)


  2. I am excited about this Linky Party! I have been trying to research Daily Five Math ever since I heard about Daily Five for ELA! My school cannot afford to purchase the Sister's yearly subscription (which includes more info on the math part), but I am planning on doing a variation this year in my classroom based on what I know from reading their books! I can't wait to hear some great ideas from this parTAY!
    The Frizz

  3. Noelle, thanks for going my Linky Party! I look forward to reading about your ideas!


  4. Hi Diane, Thanks for hosting a linky party! I think Guided-Math has been a very rewarding teaching experience, especially when kids beg to do the math stations (and when you see results of course!) I'm looking forward to introducing it to a new group of students in the next few weeks!

  5. Mary, thanks for joining the Linky Party! I love your Blog and visit it daily. I've always done centers, but this year it will be different with Guided Math.
    Thanks, again!



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