Saturday, July 28, 2012


Visiting our American Roots

Years ago, my parents took me to Washington, D. C. for the first time.  It made a tremendous impression upon me.  This summer, it was time to give my sons that experience.  They weren't as enthusiastic as when we go to the beach or an amusement park.  BUT.....they ended up loving it.  They learned so much (and I was secretly thrilled!). 

Not only was it awesome for my kids, but the free teaching resources I discovered were incredible.  I couldn't wait to share them with you.

Over the next few days, I will be sharing some of these resources with you.  I hope they will help you to enrich your Social Studies lessons.  

 Day 1:  Gettysburg  

The Gettysburg National Military Park has some excellent  resources available for teachers and kids.  I was especially excited to learn about their Traveling Trunk program which gives the students a hands-on experience of "The Life of a Civil War Soldier".  The accompanying teacher's guide is rich with Civil War lessons, and would make great enrichment activities.  Here are a few examples:

If you go to Gettysburg, plan to spend the entire day there.  Don't miss the Battlefield Tour, the Gettysburg Museum & Cyclorama, Soldier's National Cemetery (where Abraham Lincoln gave the famous "Gettysburg Address"), and the David Wills House.  The sacrifice that both sides made in this beautiful countryside is palpable.  It is an unforgettable experience.  


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